Submit a cluster

ASAP/J welcomes pitches for edited clusters on topics of special interest in the contemporary arts.

What are clusters?

Clusters are a series of topically linked essays or roundtable discussion in print, video, sound, or image. 

What topics are you looking for? 

As with our single feature essays, we publish work that articulates new arts movements, critically examines emerging aesthetic practices, discovers new critical methods and vocabularies, and investigates how the contemporary arts confront the historicity of artistic form. We welcome clusters that choose as their subject international art, artists, or arts movements of any kind, unrestricted by national, ethnic, religious, or gender borders and boundaries. We invite contributions that address the aesthetics, ethics, politics, forms, and methods of the contemporary arts in any medium, including the cinematic, media, visual, plastic, sound, literary, and performance arts.

How do clusters work?

You would be the primary editor for such a cluster, with support from ASAP/J’s editor. Our general size for a cluster is 6–12 pieces. While by no means a rule and depending on the number of authors per ‘cluster,’ text should be about 500-3000 words in length to foster dialogue, yield more experimental answers, and challenge disciplinary boundaries. 

We invite you to consider the digital means at your disposal (video, image, audio, text, forums) and publishable on ASAP/J as you develop your cluster.  We are happy to work with many digital formats, though if you have a particularly technical idea, please do contact us to see whether it will be possible. We welcome interviews, ‘cluster’ features of short form essays, multimedia virtual exhibitions and showcases, forums and other forms of discussion.  

Who can pitch a cluster?

We encourage clusters with authors in different stages of their career, from graduate student to full professor, including those in contingent and non-academic positions. In line with ASAP’s commitment to the contemporary arts, we will also evaluate positively proposals that include artists and other practitioners, those that seek participants from multiple disciplines, and those that feature diverse methods and areas. We look favourably on diversity of disciplines in the cluster and we hope that contributors come from at least two different types of academic departments,  programs, or fields, though we. In addition, we encourage our applicants to look for and work with new co-contributors to ensure exciting and truly experimental—even unexpected—conversations and collaborations!

I have a bright idea in its early stages. Can I get in touch with you?

Yes! If you have an idea for an ‘open’ cluster, and it is the right fit, we can also advertise cfps and suggest writers to be in touch with. Please send a cluster proposal in the form of a 200-word call for papers to be circulated via ASAP’s regular channels, including on ASAP/J’s “Calls for Papers” page. 

Okay, I’m in! How do I pitch you?

If you would like to pitch an edited cluster, please contact Alexandra Kingston-Reese at editor [at] Include the cluster title, the names of your potential collaborators, and a pitch no longer than 150-200 words.