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ASAP/J welcomes born-digital content such as essays, interviews, working papers, and photographic, audio, and video works, among other forms. We publish work that articulates new arts movements, critically examines emerging aesthetic practices, discovers new critical methods and vocabularies, and investigates how the contemporary arts confront the historicity of artistic form. We welcome essays about international art, artists, or arts movements of any kind, unrestricted by national, ethnic, religious, or gender borders and boundaries. We invite contributions that address the aesthetics, ethics, politics, forms, and methods of the contemporary arts in any medium, including the cinematic, media, visual, plastic, sound, literary, and performance arts.

If you would like to contribute a feature to ASAP/J—typically 2,000 to 4,000 words for an essay—please send a brief pitch of 200 to 300 words, including a brief bio (50 words) and why you want to write about this subject, to ASAP/J’s editor Alexandra Kingston-Reese at editor [at] Pitches without these may not be considered.