Our Mermaid Craze / Poems

Picture by Annette Batista Day. 


I can never give all of
myself to my children
because I reserve some of
myself for her: the ocean.
I think that’s how
she looks out for me.
Mothers know how to help
other mothers best.

-devon demint-

Island Song

Catch any fish? Catch any waves?
These are questions you get when
you’re away. Gone is where you
need to be sometimes, she knows.
Go to an island, don’t become one.
The land is where grey sometimes feels
like a place. Here-the boat skips
over trouble like a stone. Here-
briny mist gathers in the cliffs at
dusk and sunlight reflects off the
windshields of fishing boats at dawn.
Let the light pass through me, she says.
Fish me out of that deep water.
Tie a sailor’s knot around my wounds.
She lets the waves hold her questions:
How do I go back home?  Up above, the
wind sings, you’ve been here all along.

        devon demint 

Out of Water

She rides all the waves,
not just the good ones.
She rides the ripples
nobody wants.
She rides the set waves
she deserves.
Not to prove anything—
just to feel.
Grace is so elusive.
The force of life under foot.

                               –devon demint-

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