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Experiment with us in reorganizing (academic) disciplinarity between art, socio-politics, multi-media, and histories of labor, discourse, and technology. This site allows you to join a collaboration between Steve Shaviro, Francisco Robles, John Landreville, Kevin Ball, Mary Zaborskis, Jen Reich, Shakti Jaising, Omari Weekes, Cynthia Quarrie, Issraa Faiz, Elizabeth Reich, and Stephen Yeager–presented with the help of Irenae Aigbedion and Alexandra Kingston-Reese–in which we identify continuities (rather than ruptures) between times, methods, and objects that do not usually speak to each other. Your navigation through the 2D layout, 3D cyberlinks, and time-based media will produce unique multidimensional shapes, experience, (anti)knowledge formations bound to cached pages and (anti)numbering systems. The white squares are not errors but gestures towards alternative orderings. Click anywhere!

Draw (Stage 4) / Jen Reich
(α or I. or A. or 1. or □)
Introduction: The Reliquary in Time
Elizabeth Reich
(ω or XI. or E. or 5. or □)
The Protocol of Concluding
Elizabeth Reich

(β or 2. or □)
Medieval Forms and New Media Formats
Stephen Yeager

(γ or X. or □)
On the Protocols of Hortense Spillers
Omari Weekes
(δ or IX. or □)
D’Angelo’s Slow Control
Francisco Robles
(ε or VIII. or □)
Towards the Afro Ludens
Kevin D. Ball


Sponge Stages
Jen Reich

(ν or II. or □)
Code, the Black Shibboleth, and Demonic Cartography in Lovecraft Country
Elizabeth Reich
(μ or III. or □)
Distributing Gender
Mary Zaborskis
(λ or IV. or □)
Vernacular Memory and the Program in Julie Dash’s Daughters of the Dust
Issraa Faiz
(η or VII. or □)
From Roma
to Parasite:
Structure versus Process
Shakti Jaising
(θ or VI. or □)
Endless January:
Moses Sumney’s
“Me in 20 Years”
Steven Shaviro
(ι or V. or □)
The Index Has
No Referent:
On Saturation
and Hierarchy
John Landreville
Sponge (stage 2) / Jen Reich Draw (stage 3) / Jen Reich Sponge (stage 1) / Jen Reich
(ο or 3. or □)
Organized Relationships
Jen Reich
(π or 5. or □)
Notes for Jen Reich
Steven Shaviro
(ρ or 4. or □)
Interview with Jen Reich
Cynthia Quarrie
Sponge (stage 2) / Jen Reich  Sponge (stage 4) / Jen Reich Draw (stage 0) / Jen Reich
(ζ or B. or □)
Robles / Yeager
(ξ or D. or □)
Weekes / Zaborskis / Yeager

(κ or C. or □)
Structure, Virtual, Hierarchy
Landreville / Yeager



Stephen Yeager
Stephen Yeager is an associate professor of English at Concordia University in Montreal. His co-edited collection Old Media and the Medieval Concept is the first volume in the “Media Before 1800” series at Concordia University Press. His current book project Data, Games, Networks, Realms: The Forms of Digital Culture traces the interrelationship between the embodied apparatus of medieval organizations and the conceptual frameworks of digital platforms. His writing has appeared in Critical Inquiry, English Language Notes, Traditio, Gothic Studies, Arthuriana, The Chaucer Review, and The Yearbook of Langland Studies.
Elizabeth Reich
Elizabeth Reich is Assistant Professor of Film Studies in the Department of English at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on the intersections of Black Studies, digital media, Afrofuturism, and social movements in historical, global, and transnational contexts. She is author of Militant Visions: Black Soldiers, Internationalism and the Transformation of American Cinema and her co-edited collection, Justice in Time: Critical Afrofuturism and the Struggle for Black Freedom, is under contract at University of Minnesota Press. She is currently working on a coedited special issue of Film Criticism, “Black Film Feminisms” and is also coeditor of “New Approaches to Cinematic Identification,” a special issue of Film Criticism. Her next monograph is on time and reparation, and recent essays have appeared in ASAP Journal, Film Criticism, Screen, Post45, ASAP/J, World Records Journal, and African American Review. Liz is a contributing editor to ASAP/J and serves on the editorial board of Film Criticism.