Versos y Besos: The Anthrophony of Manuela García / Introduction / Janice Ngan

In this cluster, the scholars, artists, and activists working with The Autry explore our work bringing Manuela García to contemporary audiences. This map represents the collaborative, iterative nature of our work; we invite you to explore, navigate between our pieces, and see the moments of generative overlap. Here you’ll find: 1) a conversation between Britt and me about twenty-first century decolonial museum praxis, 2) a multilingual poem exploring García’s life, 3) an essay on transnational music copyright and women’s voices in traditional arts, 4) an exploration of the forms of technology through which we receive Manuela, and 5) a meditation from the leader of an all-female mariachi band on the contemporary performance of Manuela’s music.

Picturing Mexican America · Paisaje Sonoro de Manuela García


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This is one of six project components of Versos y Besos: The Anthrophony of Manuela Garcia. Explore the other components here:

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Our Shared History: The Revolutions of the Wax Cylinders / Delia Xóchitl Chávez